Trauma Resolution Therapy on Long Island

Addiction Treatment on Long Island - Trauma Resolution Therapy

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction suffer from a past trauma as well. Addiction and trauma are known to be closely linked, and alcohol and drugs are often utilized in self-medication for individuals to escape from their troubling and painful past. Traumatic memories can be manifest in physical or emotional abuse (particularly when experienced as a child), sexual abuse, rape, fight in a war, death of a loved one, natural disasters such as tornado or flood, or any event that caused the person to be psychologically troubled or traumatized for long periods of time with lasting effects.

When a client seeks addiction treatment at Long Island Center for Recovery and is diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder that is shown to be related to traumatic past event or events, specific therapeutic treatments are added to the rehab program. This additional trauma specific treatment will address the unresolved past trauma and clear the related painful and disturbing memories. Trauma therapy is tailored to each individual’s needs and is essential in clients' healing process and his or her success for the lifelong recovery.

Trauma therapy is offered in conjunction with our normal addiction treatment programs and is administered according to the specific situation of each individual. This therapy is effective, efficient and proven valuable for those who need it most.

For an effective treatment program we start with the following:

  • Seek physical and emotional safety for all clients
  • Embody trustworthiness through clear, consistent requests
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries at all times
  • Prioritize client empowerment and skill-development to maximize the individual's choice and control
  • Value open and genuine collaboration between staff and clients
  • A session with our Rapid Resolution Therapist

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