What to Bring to a Rehab Center

Addiction Treatment Admissions - What Do You Need to Know

New Admissions Must Bring:

  • 1 week of clothing. We have washers, dryers and laundry detergent available free of charge.
  • Personal toiletries, ex: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, etc. Must be alcohol free. No cologne/perfume. Toiletries available if needed.
  • Insurance card, prescription card and photo ID.
  • Quarters, singles or $5 bills for change machine, or a phone calling card to make outgoing calls on the pay phone.
  • Petty cash, as we allow residents to order take-out food on Friday nights (optional), and have a vending machine for snacks.
  • Any prescribed medications in the labeled prescription bottles.
  • Any copay or deductible that is due, as discussed with admissions department.
Residential Rehab on Long Island

New Admissions Cannot Bring:

  • Electronics, ex: cell phone, iPod, Nook, Kindle, laptop. Only alarm clock radio permitted with no USB port. ALL CELL PHONES WILL BE LOCKED IN THE NURSES OFFICE, IF BROUGHT WITH YOU, TO BE RETURNED AT DISHARGE.
  • Bedding items, ex: sheets, pillows, blankets, towels. We provide all linens.
  • No flat irons/curling irons for hair or clothing irons.
  • Food or drink, including candy. We serve 3 meals per day. Snacks are available in the cafeteria and vending machine.

Family Visits

** Family visitations are on Saturdays. Family members MUST arrive by Saturday between 1-1:30 PM for mandatory family orientation. They can stay until 7 PM and eat dinner with you. FAMILY VISITATION IS NOT PERMITTED FOR YOUR 1ST SATURDAY IN TREATMENT.

** Other restrictions may apply.

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