Addiction Treatment Group Therapy on Long Island

Addiction Treatment on Long Island - Group Therapy

Group therapy is one of the most widely practiced treatment methods in both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. It engages its participants by directing them through experiences, training them in acquiring a new set of techniques, or skills needed to solve problems related to their addiction.

In group therapy, one or more therapists work with a small group of individuals to facilitate discussions as members share their experiences of how they are dealing with their addiction. Through interactive discussions, individuals are able to relate to each other’s addiction problems, gain new skills that will benefit each member’s recovery, and gain motivation from how others have overcome their addiction. Participating in group discussions allows each individual to be motivated and inspired by each other, offering new solutions that can apply in their own recovery.

Interpersonal interactions provided in group therapy aim to promote positive changes in an individual’s maladaptive behavior. Engaging participants on focused discussion and activities (art work, exercise) help individuals in developing social skills and foster a sense of commonality.

Our group therapy sessions are guided by a professional mediator and aim to promote:

  • Interpersonal learning, where members learn how to express their feelings in group settings, as well as their concerns and observations
  • A sense of ‘universality’ within its members so each individual doesn't feel alone or isolated in his or her recovery, as isolation often leads to depression, severe anxiety, or relapse
  • A sense of altruism or ‘pro-social behavior’ where members activate alternative reward centers in the brain as a result of helping and supporting each other, also building higher self-esteem
  • A sense of encouragement and hope — as members discover that recovery is possible

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