First of all, we want to THANK YOU for your patience.
As we navigate the new and evolving social health issues and requirements, we remain open and are accepting admissions. With guidelines in place to ensure the safety of our residents and staff, both of our male and female units are open with a maximum census of #40 residents in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines within the facility.

LICR has made necessary adjustments to our environment in compliance with the NYS Department of Health. Mask compliance is mandatory for the staff and the clients during all times of day, except for mealtimes which are now staggered with a limit on the occupancy to 2 to a table. The facility is cleaned and sanitized several times daily. Staff are COVID tested, and temperature tested daily. We have installed UV light filtration in our ventilation system to ensure optimal clean air quality.

Even though things may seem a bit different than what we are used to, or what you might have expected, our commitment to your health and recovery has not changed. Due to the current public health crisis, we have created a “Quarantine Unit” at LICR, where each one of our incoming admissions have their own private room and bathroom. All clients are tested for COVID upon admission and housed in a quarantine unit (which consists of 4 rooms total). All medications and meals will be provided by staff and brought directly to each client during that time. Each room is equipped with an iPad, so please bring your personal online information to have access to your online accounts while in quarantine. You may also bring your cell phone which can only be used in this unit and from the hours of 5 pm – 10 pm. For each client, once a confirmed negative result comes back, he or she is moved to the active part of the community for the duration of treatment.

Please be patient, as our admission process is contingent upon these lab results and the availability of quarantine beds. With that in mind, we are unable to give exact admission dates, but if you speak to our admission department they will be able to give you an estimated admission.

We are accommodating bypass of the quarantine unit, ONLY for hospital transfers, and with strict restrictions (a negative test result from the hospital, as well as agreement to direct transport from hospital to LICR via LICR van).

Unfortunately, we are not allowing family visits at this time, but are accommodating family sessions virtually.

Please note that these guidelines are in place to ensure safety for those in treatment with us, even though it may be frustrating for some, but these are necessary measures needed to continue helping those in need and keeping everyone safe.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and that the difficulty is heightened especially for those who are seeking addiction treatment. We do empathize with you and hope that our help and guidance is reassuring to you that we are striving to keep our facility safe for all who come through it.




1. I agree with all medical testing for COVID-19.

2. I agree to stay on the “Quarantine Unit” until a confirmed negative test result is received. This may take up to 5 days.

3. I agree to wear a mask at all times. The only exception will be when I am alone in my bedroom.

4. I agree to remain in my bedroom at all times, except during designated outside time. This will be provided at least 1 time daily.

5. I understand there will be at least 1 staff member on the “Quarantine Unit” at all times to assist me.

6. I understand all medications, medical assessments, and meals will be provided to me inside my quarantine room.

7. I understand there is no onsite visitation offered during this treatment stay (even after quarantine is over), but that the facility is equipped for scheduled video conferencing with my family/sober supports for the purpose of including them in my treatment.

8. If I test positive for COVID-19, I agree to remain in quarantine until the completion of my detox protocol and I am medically cleared to go home.

9. I understand that if I do not follow these quarantine rules I will be immediately discharged for the safety of the clients and staff.


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