DWI Programs on Long Island

DWI Program on Long Island

Long Island Center for Recovery’s DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) program consists of 21 manual-guided sessions and homework, presented over the length of several weeks. Our DWI program is intended for lower risk offenders and focus on identifying goals to reduce the risk of relapse, therefore reducing recidivism. Our program uses a cognitive-behavioral model of behavior change and it is delivered by a facilitator that utilizes non-confrontational, Socratic questioning methods to “develop discrepancy” between clients' and society/groups’ view of problem.

DWI Therapy Program

  • Consists of 21 manual-guided sessions and homework
  • Designed for clients who meet diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence or who have a high BAC of .15 or greater
  • 2 or more DWIs
  • Has completed Level 2 Education
  • Requires active participation in a group process and increased accountability

DWI Therapy Group Expectations

  • Complete all exercises and worksheets
  • Attend all sessions
  • Actively participate in group
  • Complete homework, thinking reports
  • Alcohol and Drug Free
  • Follow group rules and program policies

DUI Groups on Long Island

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