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Prescription Drug Rehab on Long Island

Breaking free from an addiction to prescription drugs takes more than willpower.

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Prescription Drug Rehab on Long Island

Long Island Center for Recovery offers treatment for individuals struggling with opiod, depressant and stimulant addiction. Although our intake team can often determine the severity of the client’s addiction over a phone conversation, it is only after medical and clinical assessments that we are able to recommend the appropriate addiction treatment plan.  Inpatient and  outpatient  programs are available for the treatment of prescription drug addiction and duration of the treatment depends on the client’s therapeutic progress. Successful prescription drug addiction treatment may need the incorporation of several components which may include, traditional counseling, holistic therapies and sometimes the use of medications. Our prescription drug addiction treatment programs are individualized and clients have the opportunity to share their experiences in both individual and group settings. Therapy is offered in a non-judgmental environment utilizing strength-base interventional methods to help clients heal from the inside out – body, mind and spirit.

Clients seeking treatment for opiates, barbiturates or benzodiazepines (CNS depressants), should not attempt to stop taking their drug of choice on their own as withdrawal symptoms can be potentially life-threatening — supervised medical detox is required.


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1.) How is prescription drug addiction treated at Long Island Center for Recovery?

Our alcohol addiction treatment programs address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction by utilizing a treatment approach where clients are able to identify, understand and address the underlying issues that have caused their addiction. Through various traditional and holistic treatment approaches involving private, individual and family therapy, as well as educational workshops, our clients complete a series of therapeutic sessions where they are given the tools necessary to solve future life challenges without having to resort to alcohol to numb their feelings. Therapeutic treatment also involves relapse prevention education where clients in recovery learn how to identify and manage relapse triggers.

2.) When is medical detox needed for a prescription drug addiction?

Medical alcohol detox is necessary when the user stops the abusive consumption of alcohol and harmful toxins residing in the body makes it difficult for the individual to quit drinking on their own due to moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be life-threatening and are often one of the main causes of relapse. Through medical alcohol detoxification individuals can rid the body of toxins comfortably and achieve the physical and mental stabilization needed to start a therapeutic inpatient or outpatient rehab program.

3.) What types of prescription drug rehab programs are offered at Long Island Center for Recovery?

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